Law of Attraction Scripting Examples to Achieve your Desires

What is Scripting?

When we consider the word scripting in isolation, it usually refers to writing things down in a particular sequence. Well, when we apply this concept to the Law of Attraction, it works similarly. To use scripting to the Law of Attraction, you must combine your thoughts and desires with physical actions. One of the best law of attraction scripting examples is to write down your wishes for the future in a journal

This will be the first physical action you will need to take, but we will go into more detail later in this article. To apply scripting effectively, you will need to set your intentions first. 

You will need to decide precisely what reality you want to manifest. This means that your desire must be clear and all over the place. It must be direct and straight to the point. 

Scripting is a powerful and great way to manifest your dream life. Buy a scripting journal to keep track of everything you write down. 

Remember, you will need to describe your dream life in as much great detail as possible for your scripting manifestation technique to be effective. 

So, in a nutshell, scripting is the act of determining what your desires for your future life are and taking action by writing a detailed description of what you wish to manifest in a journal. 

It is quite a simple technique to apply that does not require too much effort. However, it is still a highly effective technique and an easy way to manifest different desires.

Law of Attraction Scripting Examples to Achieve your Desires

How Scripting Works for Law of Attraction?

It is important to remember that positive emotions and statements are only a fraction of what makes the Law of Attraction work in your life. 

Your words and emotions send out powerful vibrations that attract great things. 

However, these words and emotions need to work in unison with physical actions for divine changes to occur in your life. Using the scripting technique takes little time. 

However, it will help your intentions vibrate at a higher frequency which will be received and returned by the universe. 

In other words, the scripting technique shows the universe that you are serious about the desires you are hoping to manifest and that you are willing to follow all of the required steps. 

By writing down your wishes, you are already bringing them out of your mind and allowing them to enter reality. 

Even if it is material, writing down your desires also forces you to think about your thoughts, which puts them at a higher vibrational frequency. 

As humans, our daily life can often become quite busy. In most cases, we forget to think the positive thoughts we hope to manifest in real-life situations.

If we fail to send out these messages to the universe, the universe cannot bless us with our desired reality. 

That’s why your scripting journey is an easy way to remind yourself that you need to take action to manifest a better future. 

Remember, the more positive messages you send out to the universe, the more positive results you will attract into your life. 

That is precisely how the Law of Attraction works. You are transforming invisible thoughts into visible statements using the scripting manifestation technique. 

This is the most important thing to do if you want to take full advantage of everything the Law of Attraction offers.

Things to Consider When Scripting?

Before we look at Law of Attraction scripting examples, we first need to consider some things when scripting. 

The first element to consider is to write down all of your statements in the present tense. In other words, you are not making wishes for the future. 

You are thanking the universe for manifesting your desires into reality in the present. 

This is a prophetic act, and when you combine this method with faith and good intentions, you will see great things start to take place in your life. 

You will also need to go into great detail when writing down your positive affirmations if you wish to manifest more critical and better things in your life. 

As we have established before, the point of the Law of Attraction technique is to send a clear message of what you want to the universe. 

Suppose you are vague when using the scripting manifestation method and only speak about the general idea of what you want. 

In that case, the outcome will not be as effective as you want it to be. The second element to consider is that you need to use positive statements that express gratitude. 

The universe always responds to gratitude with blessings. 

That is why it is essential to start each concept that you write down by thanking the universe for the blessings you have in your life and the blessings you manifest. 

Having faith is another essential element to consider when scripting. Negative self-talk will not get you anywhere. 

Suppose you write down all of these positive things that you want to attract. Still, you speak negatively about the likelihood of receiving the blessings. 

In that case, you will contradict the scripting work you have done, which will cause a blockage between you and the blessings the universe wants to send you. 

Another vital element to consider when scripting is the feelings you attach to the words you write down. Remember, good feelings send out good vibrations. 

Let’s look at two law of attraction scripting examples to put this into perspective. Let’s say that you want to manifest your dream job. 

You will need to envision that you have achieved this goal and focus on how this success makes you feel.

Similarly, to manifest your ideal partner, you must imagine what it would feel like to be in a committed relationship with this person and allow yourself to feel these positive emotions. 

By doing this, you will send out high vibrational frequencies to the universe that are directly related to what you want to accomplish emotionally. 

When using the Law of Attraction effectively, your feelings are just as important as your words and intentions. 

So, be sure to allow yourself to feel the bliss of the desires you are writing down. It is always good to have a big dream using the Law of Attraction. 

However, one crucial element you will still need to consider: the vision you have and the life goals you want to achieve need to be realistic. 

The concept of the universe may sound magical. However, it is essential to remember that the universe is composed of a set of laws and that it is not a magician. 

If you are applying the scripting manifestation method, but your general idea is unrealistic, it is unlikely that you’ll see the results you hope to see. 

Let’s look at another two law of attraction scripting examples to put this into perspective. Let’s say that you are hoping to achieve financial stability. 

Using the scripting method to manifest a new job or passive income would be realistic.

However, say that you want a billion dollars, a private jet, and a mansion by the end of the week. Your idea may be slightly unrealistic. 

Suppose you are using this technique to manifest weight loss but state that you want to lose 100 pounds in 2 days without eating less or exercising. 

In that case, this will also be unrealistic, especially scientifically. 

Instead, you could use the scripting manifestation technique to attract a high-paying job that will allow you to save up for a mansion. 

Otherwise, you could use it to manifest weight loss in a reasonable time frame while taking the necessary steps to reach your goal. 

The last element to consider when applying the scripting method is that it is essential to speak to the universe directly. Remember, you want this blessing to come from the universe. 

If you want something from your best friend, you will address your best friend directly by their name. The scripting process works similarly. 

It is good to start your sentence with “Dear Universe” so your message is aimed directly at the universe.

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Scripting Techniques for Manifestation

As we have already established, the first and most crucial scripting technique is to write using the present tense. 

If you write in the future tense, you are implying that you have not received the blessing and may not receive it. 

However, when you write in the present tense, you speak out of faith and imply that the blessing is already manifesting in your life. 

Another essential technique is to apply faith to whatever you are trying to manifest. Suppose you apply the scripting technique but do not believe that your desires will manifest into reality. 

In that case, your doubt will send out vibrations to the universe that will stand in the way of your dreams. 

Let’s look at two of the law of attraction scripting examples and techniques you can use to manifest your dreams into reality. 

The first step is to keep a journal. You can write down all of your desires in this journal. Remember to direct the message as if you are speaking to the universe. 

You will need to use a different page for the different desires that you have for your message and intentions to stay as straightforward as possible. 

The following technique is to write down your specific goals in bullet point format. Once you have done this, you can elaborate and describe each goal using as much detail as possible. 

If you are looking for a fun way to apply the scripting technique, you can always try creative visualization. 

You can create a vision board with pictures that resemble everything you hope to manifest. You will still need to describe each image in as much detail as possible. 

Still, this technique might be more enjoyable than simply writing ideas down in a journal.

Law of Attraction Scripting Examples for Love

Now that we’ve looked at Law of Attraction scripting examples let’s take a look at some law of attraction scripting examples for love. 

The Law of Attraction scripting method is a powerful tool to use if you want to attract your soul mate into your life. 

The process works similarly to how it would work if you were trying to manifest a new car into your life or if you were trying to manifest perfect health. 

The primary difference is that you will need to shift your intentions and focus from material and personal objects and elements to your love life. 

The first step is to get your journal or set up your vision board. After that, you need to decide exactly what your relationship goals are. 

In other words, you must attract a new relationship if you are currently single. 

However, if you are currently in a relationship, you should attract prosperity and a stronger connection into your current relationship. 

Remember that you will have to write down your intentions in as much detail as possible and allow yourself to feel the emotions you will feel once your desires become a reality. 

It’s also essential to understand the difference between love and attachment. The universe frowns upon attachment since it is unhealthy for our spiritual journeys. 

So, be sure that the romantic reality you desire is based on a sense of love and want instead of need and attachment. 

Let’s look at some more specific Law of Attraction scripting examples. 

Let’s say you are trying to attract your soulmate into your life. In this case, you could write something along the lines of:

“Dear Universe, I am grateful that I have found my soulmate. I am deeply in love with him/her. We get along so well and have very similar interests.My heart feels overjoyed.” 

If you are already in a relationship and you want to strengthen your connection or resolve conflict, you could say the following:

 “Dear Universe, I am so grateful for my romantic partner. We have such a strong connection, and nothing can separate our hearts. We understand each other’s feelings and emotions and resolve misunderstandings without conflict.” 

As you can see, all of these examples have been written in the present tense. This is an essential step. So, be sure to note the tense you use when you write down your goals and desires.

How to Use the Law of Attraction Scripting to Get What You Want?

If you use the law of attracting scripting to get what you want, the first step is to believe in what you are trying to manifest. 

Trust is necessary for you to see positive results. You also need to train your subconscious mind to send out thoughts that vibrate at a higher frequency. 

When you write your desires down, you need to use the right words to ensure that your message is clear and specifies what you are trying to attract. 

Your journal entries should also become a daily routine. You can’t use your journal for one day, forget about it, and expect to see changes. 

You will need to write down your affirmations daily to start seeing results. It’s also essential to be patient and to avoid losing hope. 

The Law of Attraction scripting method takes consistent practice. 

You may only see results after some time, but if you remain positive and keep following the process, your reality will transform dynamically.

Law of Attraction Scripting Examples for All Your Desire

Now that we know how to use Law of Attraction scripting to get what we want let’s look at some more specific Law of Attraction scripting examples for all your desire. 

To recap, it is important to remember to address your message to the universe and write using the present tense. 

For example, if you want to manifest a financial breakthrough, you could say: “Dear Universe, I am grateful for my financial situation. 

My bank account has all of the money it needs for me to live a comfortable life. I can pay all my bills without worrying about where the money will come from.” 

You can use this same general structure for whatever desire you are trying to manifest. 

The universe will listen if you use positive statements, send out positive vibrations, and believe in what you are saying.

How Often Should I Be Scripting?

Using the Law of Attraction scripting technique isn’t a once-off process. You will need to engage in the process regularly to manifest your desired reality. 

For starters, you will need to use the scripting method every passing day. 

You could either rewrite what you have written down, or you could come up with new ideas for things you want to see in your future life. 

It also won’t help only writing your desires down once and moving to new desires. 

Yyou can write down as many desires as you want to. However, you will need to write each down for 40 consecutive days.


Now that we’ve looked at some of the Law of Attraction scripting examples, you can use the techniques that you have learned to manifest your own desired reality. 

Remember that the scripting method specifically refers to writing your desires down instead of simply speaking them. 

It’s also important to remember to be specific about what you are hoping to attract and to make sure that your desires are realistic. 

At the end of the day, the Law of Attraction scripting technique is one of the most effective ways to attract the life you want. It’s also an easy process to follow. 

As long as you believe, the universe will listen.