Best Scorpio Chakra stones for men and women

As a water sign spanning October 23rd to November 21st, the Scorpio zodiac sign is one of the most iconic signs in the horoscope. Like any other sign in the zodiac, Scorpios need to drive away negative energy and enhance their positive energy. One of the main ways to do this is with powerful crystals. In this article, we discuss the best Scorpio chakra stones.    

The following Scorpio gemstones vibe with their solar plexus chakra. If you are a Scorpion, these Scorpio gemstones are the best ones to keep around you. They will drive away negative emotions and attract good things. 

Best Scorpio Chakra stones for men and women

Scorpio Chakra stones for women

As a woman, besides being born during the Scorpio season, your feminine energy also influences your lucky stones and sacral chakra. This is why the crystals which serve as powerful stones for you don’t necessarily act that way for Scorpio men. And so, without further ado, let’s break down the best crystals for Scorpio women: 

Black Tourmaline:

 It is no secret that Scorpios have a dark edge to them. While most Scorpio women can keep this in check, others have a harder time with this, especially during Scorpio season. 

Black Tourmaline, being a dark stone, absorbs all sorts of vibrations, including negative ones. It has a calming effect on Scorpio women and prevents them from being overwhelmed by negative emotions. 

Natural Citrine

 Citrine is the birthstone of all Scorpios. As such, it makes sense that it is a great stone for Scorpio women. What Citrine does is that it reminds Scorpio women of who they are. It gives them a strong sense of identity and fills them up with self-esteem. It enhances their positive traits, grants them inner peace, and prevents them from being envious. 

Red Jasper

Scorpio women sometimes let their thoughts get the better of them. Either they get their heads in the cloud, or they think way too much about what others are up to. 

Red Jasper is a good solution for this because it is a grounding stone. As a grounding stone, it helps Scorpio women keep in touch with themselves without letting their thoughts run riot.  

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Scorpio Chakra stones for men

More and more Scorpio men are opening their eyes to the power of Scorpio chakra stones. They are realizing that these are excellent stones for enhancing one’s psychic abilities. 

These Scorpio stones are powerful tools for helping with difficult situations, attracting good fortune, and clearing emotional pain. 

If you are a Scorpio man who is unsure where to begin with these excellent crystals, then the section below is for you. 


Be it rutilated Topaz, Blue Topaz, Golden Yellow Topaz, or Imperial Topaz, Topaz is the best crystal for a Scorpio man. 

Topaz reaches deep inside a Scorpio man and lights a fire in his soul. It inspires him to be the absolute best version of himself. 

It energizes Scorpio men and grants them a magnetism that draws all that is good to them. The Topaz stone benefits on the Scorpio man are many. Any Scorpio man would be remiss to be without it. 


Sometimes the best thing you can do as a person is to trust your intuition. But this is easier said than done. For instance, how are you supposed to distinguish between the voice of your intuition and the voice of insecurity? 

That is why the amethyst stone is essential for Scorpio men. It is a beautiful stone that enhances a Scorpio’s intuition and enhances their best traits. It helps every Scorpio man understand himself and his life a little better. 


Opal is a fantastic stone for every Scorpio man. This crystal resonates very well with those who are of the Scorpio star sign.

 It is a lucky stone, attracting all positive things and opportunities a Scorpio man’s way. But other than that, it also has an illuminating effect on the Scorpio man. 

It prevents him from being consumed by his dark side and keeps his perspective on the finer, nobler things in life. Isn’t that cool?

Healing crystals for Scorpio woman

One cannot live without going through some measure of pain. And Scorpio women are no different. It is easy for most people to learn from their pain and move on with their lives. But every now and then, there’s an individual for whom this is extremely difficult. They become defined by their pain and trauma and have a difficult time healing from it. 

For such Scorpio women, typical remedies like orthodox medicines and psychotherapy may not be viable options. Well, in that case, it’s a good thing that these stones exist. 

The following stones are some of the best healing crystals a Scorpio woman could use: 

Smoky Quartz

One of the Scorpio woman’s main issues is that she can become hyper-fixated on negativity. This is a loop that feeds itself. The more negativity she notices, the more negativity she notices. And this attracts harmful energies to her. 

Well, Smokey Quartz is a great solution to this particular affliction. It helps the Scorpio woman to see things from a different perspective. This way, there’s little chance of getting caught in a web of negative thoughts. 

Rose Quartz

Sometimes, suffering from a broken heart can make you feel like you are dying. It can hurt so much that a Scorpio woman begins to believe that she will never love again. And this, in turn, begins to damage her other relationships. 

Rose Quartz helps Scorpio women from getting tangled up in this web. It can mend broken hearts, heal emotional wounds and restore trust in romantic relationships. It opens up her heart chakra, allowing her to receive unconditional love from the universe. 


The healing properties of this stone is that it brings the Scorpio woman inner peace. It helps the wearer have a powerful sense of self and be at peace with the world and with the universe.

 Its deep healing properties will be of benefit to every Scorpio woman. It is also a prophylactic agent, dispelling negative thoughts before they can amass and attract misfortune. It also helps them to undertake any new beginnings with courage. 

Lucky stones for Scorpio man

Scorpio men are very spiritually powerful. But so many of them fail to make use of this power. Only those who know how much crystals of Scorpio can be powerful allies are the ones who tap into this spiritual mass of power. 

As a Scorpio man seeking personal growth, make your job easier by using the following stones. These different crystals enhance your personal power and take full advantage of your Scorpio energy. 

Beryl Stone

This is a great stone for all Scorpio men especially since Scorpio’s ruling planet is Venus. The Beryl stone is so emotionally resonant that it activates not only the Solar Plexus Chakra but also the Crown Chakra. 

This achieves that the Scorpio man’s divine attributes are way enhanced. It sharpens his sense of intuition and lets him know what is right and what is wrong. It also replenishes his life force and keeps him strong and virile. 

Black Obsidian:

 Getting excited is typically a good thing. But getting overexcited is not. When you are overexcited, you may dull your other senses, allowing you to choose wrongly or make a mistake. This is what makes Black Obsidian such a perfect stone for Scorpio men. 

It keeps them in touch with their inner self by helping them stay calm under pressure. This excellent stone prevents Scorpio men from making rash decisions that will come back to haunt them later. 


Even though they are males, Scorpio men suffer from broken hearts too. And, being men, they find it more difficult to talk about these things, which makes the healing journey all the more tumultuous. 

Well, here is where malachite comes in handy. By using malachite’s energy, Scorpio men can easily let go of the past and overcome the loss of any precious relationships. This clears up their hearts and opens them up to even more fulfilling relationships that the universe will send their way. 

Crystals that a Scorpio should avoid

A novice mistake that some Scorpios make is to assume that just because some crystals have awesome benefits for them, all crystals will serve them well. That is a horrible way of thinking which, at best, secures indifferent results for a Scorpio and, at worst, invites misfortune and sickness upon them. 

The thing is, these crystals have vibrations. And the good ones typically resonate well with Scorpios. However, some crystals vibe poorly with Scorpios as well. These may nullify the Scorpio’s energy or even bring about negative energies. 

Now, we’ve already discussed the right Scorpio crystals above. But what about the wrong ones. Which crystals should Scorpios do their best to avoid? Find out below: 


This one may seem like a real bummer, but it is not to be taken for granted. Sure, diamonds are wonderful crystals. But just because they are highly coveted doesn’t mean they are good for Scorpios. This was common knowledge in ancient times. 

Now, though, most of the desire for diamonds arises from aggressive marketing from mining companies. In reality, diamonds tend to bring disharmony to Scorpios. These beautiful stones are much better suited for Virgos and Libras. 


Coral is not good for Scorpios. Not even a little bit. It causes a whole lot of problems for a Scorpio. Both physically and mentally. For instance, blood-related and heart-related disorders. And as if that is not enough, it also makes a Scorpio much more envious. 

It taps into their dark side and makes them way more aggressive than they should be. Red Coral may be pretty, but for Scorpios, it is a huge no. If the Scorpio is married, it could also create a huge, irreparable rift in their marital life.   


 Emeralds are very pretty. But they are yet another stone that Scorpios should avoid. Beautiful as an emerald may be, a Scorpio wearing it is not advisable as it may bring bad luck to them. It also brings about illness and other losses.

 Emeralds are unsuitable to Scorpios because of the relative unfriendliness between Mars and Mercury. As such, Emeralds are better suited to Sagittarius and Aries. As the eighth sign of the Zodiac, Scorpios will fare better elsewhere. 

Protection stones for Scorpios

We know by now that these Scorpio zodiac stones have different effects. Some are stones of courage, others are stones of transformation, and some others are stones of healing. But what about stones of protection? As a Scorpio, if you want nothing but good days, what crystal jewelry should you wear? Find out below: 

Fire Agate

The fire agate is a brilliant protective stone for Scorpios. In that, it protects them from themselves. Many a scorpion has screwed up a good thing by overthinking things. 

Well, good things become staggeringly easy to grasp with the fire agate. It makes a Scorpio much more receptive to the great things in life. It also encourages immense success and growth in a Scorpio’s life. 


As Scorpio is a water sign, this water stone fits them very well. This literally encourages Scorpios to become like water. Instead of getting riled up by the obstacles in their lives, Aquamarine makes Scorpios fluid and calm. It also makes them cool down instead of heat up. This not only helps Scorpios avoid problems, but it prevents their fiery nature from getting the best of them. 


This is a very beautiful stone that balances out a Scorpio. Although a Scorpio’s emotions can be massive, they can sometimes run riot. The labradorite stone is one of the best Scorpio chakra stones for men and women.

Labradorite encourages the Scorpio not to neglect their sensitive side. This ensures that the Scorpio’s interactions and decisions are coming from a place of authenticity, leading to greater happiness and satisfaction in the long term.