Positive love affirmations for him for a lasting relationship

We all know that unconditional love begins at home. 99% of the world’s problems would probably be solved if humans learned how to love and be loved. If we can show love to our partners, the feelings will be reciprocated. In this article, we look at positive love affirmations for him.

Most people think of love as something intuitive that is learned by accident. The truth is: love is a science and needs to be studied.

Have you ever heard that there are five love languages to show love to your special person?

According to Gary Chapman’s book, the famous writer of The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts. There are five love languages:

–    Words of affirmation

–    Quality time

–    Acts of service

–    Gifts

–    Physical touch

How many times do you usually compliment your partner daily? How often do you use words of affirmation to express love to your favorite people?

Study shows that communication is key. The words you choose on a daily basis can make or break your life. Especially positive love affirmations. No wonder why they came first in order.

‘We must remind ourselves that words are necessary! Verbal compliments, or words of appreciation, are powerful communicators of love. Gary Chapman’s

Many authors and personal development gurus, such as Louise Hay & Abraham hicks, also highlight the power of affirmations. 

Read on because, in today’s article, we will show you exactly how to use words of affirmation to magnetize & brighten up your love life.  

Whether it’s your husband, crush, or even someone you just started dating, our five affirmations cover you! 

You will be surprised how our words will entirely change the trajectory of your romantic life for the better. 

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–    Godly love affirmations for him :

One of the best gifts you can give your lover is an authentic expression of true love. 

Sometimes it is hard for us to come up with the right words at the right time, especially when we immerse ourselves in high & intense emotions.

We tend to enjoy loving feelings in silence. However, if your partner’s primary love language is words of affirmation, it’s mandatory to consider this subject seriously.

Now it’s okay if you have difficulties expressing loving words. We are here to give you some of the best-right affirmations to fill your partner with much joy.

If you struggle to say these affirmations, you should practice them in front of a mirror. 

Say this list of love affirmations for him as often as possible, and you will see how your union with your partner will turn into a long-lasting relationship. 

– You are my safe place, and I love you so much

– You mean the world to me

– I find peace in your arms

– I admire your vulnerability

– I love your tenacity

– I love the manly smell that you have

– Every day I wake up and see you, I feel blessed

– You are unique and deserve the world

– I am so lucky to have you

– Thank you for being here for me

– I need you so much closer

– You are a fantastic partner

– You deserve the most significant award for being the best husband ever

– I am so proud of you

– I believe in you

– I appreciate the effort you took to make this happen

– Have a successful day, my love

– Always remember that I value you and that you matter

– Always remember you are loved and cherished and that I appreciate everything you are to me

– Thank you for all the things you do without you knowing

– I appreciate waking you up on those hard days when you don’t get enough sleep

– You are a great role model to me.

– I value the sacrifice and the hard work you are doing. I love you

– I am super thankful for you, and I cannot express in words how much reassurance and love I feel

– I love us, and I thank god for you. 

– Because of you, I am a better women

– I pray for your success, I pray for our success together, I don’t want anything more than us 

– You might not know it, but I’ve been so proud of you since day one. 

– I will always be grateful for the love, time, effort, hard work, and sacrifices you make every day to make our future possible. It doesn’t go unnoticed. For that, I will give you the life you’ve always deserved. I love you

– I am proud of your efforts

– You are the kindest, warm-hearted, easy-going person I’ve known

– You always find a way to create a smile on my face

– I want you to know that you are a fantastic man.

– Whenever I am with you, good things happen quickly and effortlessly

– You are always doing a great job

– My love tank is full

– I thank god for you every single day. You are the only person that understands me. You are the love of my life

– It’s the little things you do daily that make me happy

– One of the best things in life happens when I am with you

– I love you beyond measures

–    Funny love affirmations for him

Now it’s time to add some fun to your daily life and use the following expressions, especially during hard times or when the mundane routine starts beating your loving relationship.

Here are some funny love affirmations for him that you can use to spice up your relationship.

– You look offensively good in that suit today

– Thank god choosing you ended up being a good idea

– I love listening to your voice, even how stupid the problems might sound.

– Sometimes, I look at you and ask: Where did I land you? What good have I done to deserve you?

– Chin up beautiful, or your crown will slip

– You are my most significant and oldest child that requires the most adult supervision

– God gives us only what we can handle. God thinks I am a badass for having you.

– The best thing about you is that you are a limited edition. Thank god there is no copy.

– I love my sense of humor and the ability to annoy you for the rest of my life

– Our healthy relationship is like vitamins to me. It’s my medicine in tough times.

– I am the best person to share your secrets with since I tend to look at you and forget what you say.

– If I did anything right again, it was when I gave my heart to you.

– Red color never looked this good

– Even if you barely do it, thank you for helping around the house.

–    Affirmations to make him text you

Did you know that your internal dialogue can affect how your special person feels about you? If you desire someone to text you, call him in. 

Use these powerful love affirmations for him & always remember that you are worthy of love. Love is available everywhere. So keep strengthening your belief using the following best words of assurance:  

– My special person is reaching for their phone to text me right now

– They opened the messaging app and wrote my name

– I am open to receiving their text, and I am ready

– I have no doubt they will text me

– He is blowing up my phone

– I am opening our line of communication

– I release all the blocks that stand between us

– With good to all and harm to none, communication is on its way to me now

– My person is missing me

– The message appears quickly and effortlessly

– I remove all the energetic blockages between us

– I am worthy of their time and communication

– They reach out to me because there is no one like me

– They miss me and think of me non-stop

– They love me and will tell me why

– They are reaching for their phone to text me right now

– The text from my special person is coming at the right time

– I attract communication from my special person effortlessly

– The partner I seek is highly thinking of me

– I can’t escape their mind

– They are burning to text me

– I am magnetic to my special person

– My special person always loves talking to me

– We are in constant communication

– My special person loves to hear my voice

– I am attracting communication from my special person at the right time

One thing we advise is to avoid any negative thoughts while saying these positive statements. Let the law of attraction work, and trust that your person will text you. 

–    Words of affirmation for a crush 

We have all heard the statement: Confidence is sexy. If you want your crush to desire you, you must have unshakable confidence that you are the one, and there is no other option than you.

Your dream guy can tell if you are sure of yourself or not. Make sure you feed your subconscious mind positive statements that nourish your sense of self and make you the best version of yourself. 

Here are some strong love affirmations for him that you can use.

– I am the best and only option. No one compares

– Choosing me is the absolute best way

– I don’t chase after what’s already mine

– I’m always on their mind because my energy is addicting

– Everything reminds them of me

– I am a priority

– I am always chosen

– He is always thinking about me

– My energy is addicting, and they literally cannot stay away from me

– The more I desire him, the more attracted he is to me

– We have incredible chemistry right from the start

– There is no one in the whole world better for him than me, and he knows it

– He keeps thinking about me all day long

– It’s me and only me

– He only imagines a life with me

– Everything is reminding him about me now

– My crush desires me

– My specific person likes me back

– Me and my specific person like each other

– The loving energy I give off is always reciprocated

– My aura is magnetic, and I turn heads wherever I go

– The one I want is deeply attracted to me, and I can’t stop thinking of them

– I inhale attraction and confidence. I exhale negative thoughts and limiting beliefs

– I am always in my special person’s mind

– I do not chase. I attract

– I am a magnet for everything I desire

– My crush is obsessed with me

– My crush misses me so much

– Love comes to me quickly and effortlessly

– The love I am seeking is seeking me 

– I am filled with love and positive thoughts about my partner

– The love I give comes back to me multiplied in expected and unexpected ways

– I feel the good vibrations of my special person

– My dream guy is becoming a reality

– I am filled with happiness and pure joy when thinking of my partner.

– My special person is thinking about me right now

– I am a magnet to love

– I am pure, unconditional love

Say these affirmations as often as you can, and get ready! Because soon, you are about to receive confirmation that your crush likes you the same way as you do.

–    Affirmations for your boyfriend

Suppose your boyfriend’s primary love language is words of affirmation. The following declarations can make your boyfriend’s heart melt for you. 

If you are ready to take your relationship to the next level, say these affirmations as often as you can: 

– I am so proud of you

– I have been thinking about you a lot all-day

– You make me the happiest I’ve ever been

– I’m happy whenever I am with you

– You are such a good listener, and I love that about you.

– I want to be with you

– You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me

– Can’t wait to see you

– I wish I could stay with you forever

– My mom is asking me why I am smiling while reading your text

– You are my favorite person

– You are a wonderful person & I feel protected around you

– You are my best friend

– I wish we cuddle all-day

– Thank you for being there for me

– Whenever with you, I feel like I am my best version

– I am so grateful for your love

– I am so blessed to see you every single day

– Meeting you was one of my best days.

– I love spending quality time with you

– I love you

– Choosing you was the absolute right thing

– You are my favorite place to be. I feel like I am in the right place

– I am having so much fun with you

As we previously mentioned. Words of affirmation are so powerful. They can transform your romantic relationships beyond measure, whether it’s words of encouragement, kindness, humble words, or just small daily loving expressions.

After reading this article, we want to leave you with a quick exercise as practice. 

Take a sheet of paper & note all the things you like about your partner, then write the same for your partner.

Make sure to note everything he likes and what his favorite activities are. What does he want to hear? What draws a smile on his face? It’s the daily little things.

Also, do the same for yourself, as you want to learn about yourself. The final step is to teach your love languages to your partner and make sure he considers them too.

Learning from each other will improve your love life, so make it a priority. It is so necessary to start listening and act accordingly.

Conclusion : 

Your love life dramatically affects your fulfillment and well-being, so do not take this lightly. Make sure to practice over and over again.

Recite these love affirmations for him as often as you can. In your car, in your space, when you are having a walk, or even when you are around people. It signals positive energy to your environment that you are love and open for love. 

Finally, if you made it this far, we highly advise you to take words of affirmation seriously. Once you practice, your life will significantly change for the better.

May your love life be filled with joy, happiness, and unconditional love. We send you tremendous blessings on your way, and we wish you all the best in your beautiful love life.