Best Libra Chakra Stones for healing men and women

Do you want to learn more about Libra chakra stones? If you do, you’re in luck because that is exactly what this article is about. The zodiac sign of Libra is an interesting one indeed. Libras are an air sign who loves to be around others. They are extroverted and friendly, which makes them great people to be around. Their primary concern is to attain balance, peace, and harmony. They also have a strong sense of justice. This is why they are known as the counselors of the zodiac. 

The libra star sign is filled with beautiful and caring people. Libras are exceptionally honest and one of the most intelligent signs of the zodiac. They are also known for their beauty, willingness to give without expecting anything in return, and well-balanced personalities. 

If you have a Libra, you should consider yourself lucky since they are loyal friends who would never stab you in the back. Even though Libras are well-balanced, it’s still possible for them to experience imbalances in their chakras. So, let’s look at some Libra chakra stones that Libras can use for healing.

Best Libra Chakra Stones for healing for men and women

Libra Chakra Stones for Healing

As magnificent as they may be, Libras need healing, too, especially in their chakras. Thankfully, there are Libra chakra stones that can get the job done. 

Remember that there are 7 primary chakras. These include the root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, third-eye chakra, and crown chakra. There are specific stones that Libras can use to heal each of these chakras. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Root Chakra

The root chakra keeps you grounded and connects you to the earth. If your root chakra needs healing, you will likely feel imbalanced, which contradicts Libra’s well-balanced personality. 

Black tourmaline is known as a stone of protection. It is a powerful crystal that can clean Libra’s energy and get rid of negative energies. Black tourmaline is one of the best Libra chakra stones that can be used to balance the root chakra. 

On top of that, black tourmaline can heal the root chakra and give Libras the sense of balance and stability they need. After using black tourmaline for healing, you will have a strong connection with the earth. After all, black tourmaline is a powerful grounding stone. 

Another excellent stone for the root chakra is rose quartz. Rose quartz can help balance your emotions, release emotional blockages and stabilize you on an emotional level.

Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is your second chakra, responsible for your sexuality, how you express yourself creatively, and your emotional balance.

 If your sacral chakra needs healing, you may experience feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and isolation, all of which go against a Libra’s personality. 

Opals are the best healing crystals that a Libra can use to heal their sacral chakra. Opal is a beautiful crystal that can increase insulin production and purify your blood physically. It can also enhance your memory and eliminate negative emotions such as anxiety. It can also provide mental clarity, Especially if you are an indecisive Libra. This is one of the most powerful Libra chakra stones that will greatly add to Libra’s crystal collection. 

Moonstone is another excellent crystal that Libras can use to heal their sacral chakra. It can balance your emotions and put an end to mental confusion that is caused by imbalances in the sacral chakra.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra sits in the core of your stomach. It is the 4th chakra responsible for regulating your fight or flight response. If your solar plexus chakra needs healing, you may experience fatigue, extreme weight gain around the stomach area, or diabetes. You may also start overeating which will cause weight gain around the stomach. 

Mahogany Obsidian is one of the best Libra chakra stones to heal your solar plexus chakra. Mahogany Obsidian can prevent psychic attacks, decrease depression, and increase sexuality. If you use Mahogany Obsidian for healing, you’ll feel your energy levels restored, and the relevant physical ailments will slowly disappear. You may even start to lose weight around your stomach area. 

Tiger’s eye is another of the best zodiac crystals to heal your solar plexus chakra.

Heart Chakra

The heart chakra regulates your expression of love and ability to forgive others. If your heart chakra needs healing, you may find it difficult to forgive others. You may also feel lonely and jealous and fear intimacy. 

On top of that, you may have difficulty trusting others, playing the victim role, or becoming overly defensive. All of this goes against the natural gifts of kindness and compassion that the Libra zodiac sign has. 

Rose Quartz is one of the best stones to heal your heart chakra. This stone was mentioned as a root chakra stone. However, it works much better for the heart chakra, especially with its pink color. 

Malachite is another one of the Libra Chakra stones that can be used to heal the heart chakra. Malachite is great for healing physical ailments. On top of that, it is also used to relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

Using Rose Quartz or Malachite to heal your heart chakra will help you to stop holding grudges and open up your heart to giving and receiving love. They will let new love enter your heart.

Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is responsible for your communicative abilities, which is one of Libra’s natural gifts. If your throat chakra needs healing, you may have difficulty expressing what you think or feel. You may also find that you tend to say the wrong thing at the wrong time, or you may become tactless. 

The perfect stone for healing your throat chakra if you are a Libra is Blue Sapphire. Blue Sapphire is also a protection stone that can protect you from car accidents, natural disasters, theft, and robberies. It also brings good luck to those who have it. 

If you use Blue Sapphire for healing, you will be able to express your thoughts and feelings more effectively. You’ll also enhance your communication skills which is one of Libra’s strongest personality traits. 

Lapis lazuli is another great stone that Libras can use to heal their throat chakra since it has the same blue color as Blue Sapphire. Usually, stones that have a blue color are related to the throat chakra.

Third-eye Chakra

The third eye chakra controls your psychic abilities and out-of-body experiences. It also regulates your precognition and religious visions. If your third eye chakra needs healing, you may experience feelings of paranoia. You may also find that you have become closed minded. 

Your psychic abilities will also experience a downfall, and you may experience feelings of confusion. 

Amethyst crystals are some of the best stones to use to heal your third eye chakra. If you do not have an Amethyst crystal, you can also use Black Obsidian. Amethyst crystals can help you control evil thoughts and enhance your wisdom which is another one of Libra’s strongest traits. On top of that, it can increase your intelligence. Since Libras are one of the most intelligent signs of the zodiac, it makes sense why an Amethyst crystal is such a powerful Libra gemstone. 

Black Obsidian, on the other hand, gives you strength and confidence. If you use these stones to heal your third-eye chakra, you will activate your psychic abilities and get a sense of courage. Your spiritual senses will also be sharpened.

Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is responsible for your spiritual connection and ability to transform from within. It also helps you realize that you are a spiritual being with a human experience. If your crown chakra needs healing, you may enter into psychosis. You may also experience dissociation from your body and feelings of instability. 

Moonstones and Clear Quartz are the best crystals to use if you want to heal your Crown chakra. Clear Quartz is a stone to use for enhancing mental clarity. It can revitalize you mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It is one of the most powerful crystals since it has the ability to heal all of your chakras. However, since it works on your emotions and mental clarity, it is best to use this stone to heal your crown chakra. 

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Stones for Libra Man 

Now that we have looked at the different Libra chakra stones let’s take a look at some stones that are great for Libra men.

1: Lapis Lazuli 

In astrological terms, Libra men are known to have a hard time making decisions and sticking to the decisions they make. This isn’t necessarily a negative quality. As a matter of fact, Libra men usually need help making decisions because they can look at a situation from different perspectives. Lapis Lazuli is a crystal of truth. This means that this precious stone will help a Libra man see the truth in a situation with multiple sides to the story. In other words, Lapis Lazuli can help Libra men make decisions more easily than they usually would.

2: Citrine

Citrine is another wonderful gemstone for Libra men. We have already established that Libras are great to be around since they are usually pleasant, friendly, and cheerful. Citrine matches the Libra energy. 

It is a stone known to be filled with positivity and light. This means Libra men can enhance their natural gifts and positive personality traits by wearing this stone. This is essential for Libra men who lack natural joy and positivity. Since the stone enhances these qualities, Citrine can relieve symptoms of depression in Libra men.

3: Aquamarine

We have already established that Libra men love socializing and communicating with others. Aquamarine is blue in color, which can heal Libra man’s throat chakra. Since the throat chakra is responsible for communication skills, Aquamarine can enhance a Libra man’s communicative abilities. 

On top of that, this precious stone also protects and gets rid of negative energies. It can help Libra men suffering from low self-esteem build confidence to become the confident socializers that the Universe intended for them to be. Aquamarine also enhances passion in romantic relationships, one of Libra’s strongest traits. On top of that, it gets rid of negative thoughts, attracts money, and brings good fortune to Libra men.

4: Sapphire

Sapphires are some of the best crystals a Libra man can use for crystal healing. These crystals are great for spiritual healing and provide mental clarity in situations where Libra men may experience confusion. 

Sapphire crystals also enhance compassion. Since Libras are one of the most compassionate zodiac signs, these crystals will enhance their natural gift of empathy and compassion. 

Sapphire crystals also help Libra men unlock their hidden potential, allowing them to accomplish great things. They act as a shield of protection and benefit your work life. 

On top of that, Sapphire crystals help Libra men eliminate the fear and anxiety that are standing in the way of their true potential.

5: Agate

Agate crystals are another powerful tool for healing for men of the Libra sun sign. These crystals usually signify strength and courage, which makes them especially useful for Libra men who want to enhance these areas of their lives. 

Agate is also beneficial for healing physical illnesses. On top of that, it can help Libra men activate their spiritual potential. Using these healing crystals is a great way for Libra men to attain emotional balance. 

Agate crystals also signify truth and justice. As we have already established, Libras long for justice, peace, and harmony, which is why Agate crystals perfectly match Libra men.

Stones for Libra Woman

1: Labradorite

Libra women are commonly known to be chronic overthinkers. Their tendency to overthink can often cause unpleasant emotional symptoms such as tension and anxiety. That is why Labradorite is such a great healing crystal for Libra Women. 

Labradorite can relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety. It can also restore your energy, which usually gets drained when you stress and overthink too much. On top of that, Labradorite is great for balancing hormone levels in women. This may assist with premenstrual syndrome, postmenstrual syndrome, menopause, and premenstrual dysmorphic disorder. 

Labradorite will also ease the stress that is caused by overthinking and provide Libra women with peace of mind. It will also help them control and regulate their thoughts and anxiety levels.

2: Moonstone

Moonstones are powerful spiritual crystals that have plenty of benefits for Libra women. It’s also an excellent crystal to use for hormonal balance. It also helps with hair loss and fluctuating emotions caused by hormone imbalances. To top it off, moonstone crystals can relieve pain during childbirth and menstruation. 

On a psychological level, this excellent stone can remove any self-doubt a Libra woman might have. It is a spiritual stone that reminds Libra women of what they are worth and that they can accomplish anything they want. 

Moonstones are also one of Libra’s lucky stones. So, any Libra woman with this stone can rest assured that good luck will follow them wherever they go.

3: Opal

Opal is not only one of the best and luckiest crystals a Libra woman can have, but it is also the Libra birthstone. This spectacular stone controls the endocrine system and can help ease the symptoms of PMS and menopause, which makes it the best choice for Libra women who are looking for female-friendly zodiac crystals. 

Opal crystals also enhance positive energy, eliminate negative energy, and support clarity under challenging situations. Since it is Libra’s birthstone, Opal is also an excellent meditation stone for Libra women. Using this as a meditation stone can encourage spiritual growth in Libra women’s lives.

4: Rose Quartz

Libra women are highly compassionate and full of love. As a matter of fact, a Libra woman is somewhat of a Goddess of love. That’s why Rose Quartz is such a great crystal for the Libra astrology sign to use. It enhances love towards others and toward yourself.

 Rose Quartz can attract a romantic partner or enhance the connection in your current romantic relationship. This crystal focuses on the heart chakra, which can help Libra women let go of their grudges towards others. On top of that, it can bring divine love into a Libra woman’s life. 

Remember, Rose Quarts is the stone of unconditional love. That is why you can rest assured that this precious stone can help any Libra love themselves and the people around them unconditionally. 

Pink tourmaline is another stone of unconditional love that is ideal for Libra women. This stone also encourages being humane and showing kindness and understanding towards others.

5: Turquoise

As we have mentioned already, Libra women long for peace of mind and harmony. They do not like conflict and aim to resolve dispute as quickly as possible. So if you want to give a Libra woman a wonderful gift, Turquoise stones are a great place to start. 

Turquoise gives you the courage to open your mouth and express your feelings. Especially if you are unsure of how to put your thoughts and feelings into perspective. This comes in handy when you need to resolve conflict. Turquoise stones also encourage you to open your heart to forgiveness and love others unconditionally. 

It is generally known as the stone of communication and expression, which Libra women often need to work at to reach their Universal protection.

Crystals Libra Should Avoid

After looking at the Libra chakra stones and the stones beneficial to Libra men and women, one might think that a Libra can benefit from any crystal in existence. However, there are some crystals that Libras have been advised against since ancient times. Let’s take a look at a few of these.

1: Topaz

According to astrology, the Ruler of the 3rd and 6th houses of Libra is Jupiter. Venus, on the other hand, is the Ruler of the Libra sun sign. 

There is a popular relation of enmity between the two above-mentioned planets. This means that it is not advisable for a Libra to wear Topaz. If a Libra does decide to wear a Topaz, this Libra person may have difficulties with their stomach.

2: Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a powerful crystal in general. This is primarily because one of Libra’s astrological crystals is the Tiger’s eye. However, it is another one of the crystals that Libra men and women should avoid. 

Some crystals resonate poorly with each other. In this case, Smoky Quartz and Tiger’s eye do not work together. Therefore, a Libra should wear Tiger’s eye and avoid Smoky Quartz.


There are plenty of powerful Libra chakra stones that Libra can use to heal their chakras effectively. 

The most important Libra crystal to be aware of is Opal which is this zodiac sign’s birthstone. 

Some of the crystals mentioned above can help Libra access its personal power. Libras have a natural affinity for counseling, conflict resolution, and peacekeeping. 

Beautiful things happen when a Libra walks into the room since they are compassionate and sociable individuals. Libra men and women need to stay far away from Topaz and Smoky Quarts crystals as they do not resonate well with the Libra Zodiac sign. 

The good news is that there are plenty of other crystals and Libra chakra stones that a Libra can wear as a bracelet or a necklace or simply keep around their home.