How to Manifest Someone to Text You? Simple & quick guide

It can be challenging to wait for a specific person to text you. But do you know how to manifest someone to text you?

You can eliminate the pain of waiting for messages with text manifestation, which is the best way to make messages come faster. If you want, you can have the person you love, your best friend, your family member, or your boss text you and speed things up.

If you learn how to manifest someone to text you, you can get exactly the message you want and make it happen with your deepest desires.

You can make the special person text you by using powerful law of attraction techniques, and you can get good news with simple steps.

Read on to find out the best manifestation technique you can do and how to manifest someone to text you!

How to Manifest Someone to Text You Simple & quick guide

How to Manifest Someone to Text You?

To fully embrace how to manifest someone to text you and to use the manifestation method, you should follow some simple steps. A correct manifestation process should proceed as follows:

You Must Know Exactly What You Want and Be Clear About Your Desires

You must have an apparent desire to make a successful manifestation. You should clearly indicate who will send you a message and what will be included in the message.

When you are clear about your wishes, the universe will work harder to fulfill your desires. For example, you can ask your boss to text you and give you the dream job of your career.

You can express your desire more powerfully when you write your request in handwriting on a piece of paper. This powerful method works because the universe responds positively to the acts of creation.

When writing your request exactly, you should write the person’s name you want, the phone number of that person, and the message you want. 

When you write the manifest in the present tense, your energy level will change, and your low-vibe energy will turn into high-vibe energy.

Even if your message is embarrassing, put much effort into writing it and making it manifest. You will not regret it when you start experiencing positive things in your real life!

You Should Try the 3-6-9 method

You may encounter different methods on how to manifest someone to text you. One of the best ways to get good results is the 3-6-9 method.

The 3-6-9 method consists of writing your request in a notebook 3 times after breakfast, 6 times after lunch, and 9 times before you go to bed. The best part of this method is that it is straightforward but effective as well as easy.

You Must Send a Text to Your Own Number

When you use this method, you will be able to understand how it feels to get the text you want. To use this method, follow these steps:

  • As the first step, you should save your own phone number with the name of the person that will text you.
  • In the next step, you should think about what exact text you want to receive and send the message you wish to receive.
  • As the final step, you should internalize the joy when you see the message on your screen and then meditate on this feeling.

When you complete the entire process seriously, you will see how effective this method can be for you and your life.

You Must Visualize Your Message Coming by Doing a Visualization Exercise

You should close your eyes, take deep breaths, and meditate on the event you want to happen. Here are the process steps you need to take:

  • As a first step, look at a picture of the sender; you can also visualize that person’s face in your brain.
  • As a second step, you should imagine that your phone screen lights up with a notification and vibrates.
  • As the third step, imagine your phone’s notification sound.
  • As a final step, try to feel your phone really vibrate.

With this mental image technique, you can achieve anything you want in your inner world. Just believe in the law of attraction and keep trying.

How to use the whisper method to get someone to text you?

The whisper method is a different version of the visualization method; in this method, you have to imagine the person you want to message you.

You should clearly see that this person has a phone in his hand.

After imagining that the person you want to text you is dying to text you, you should whisper, “you will text me” in his ear. Then try to clearly imagine that you are watching them as they write a message.

To create energy vibrations and get positive outcomes, you must also say your message out loud to yourself. This is the best part of this method; that looks like little things and doesn’t take much of your time.

How to use the pillow method to get someone to text you?

One of the methods of how to manifest someone to text you is the pillow method. Especially if you do not have a time limit and have a long time for its manifestation, this method can consist of easy steps.

To use the Pillow method, you must handwrite what you want, read to yourself, meditate a little at night, and put this text under your pillow while you sleep. You should use this method every night until what you want happens.

You Must Give Up Your Limiting Beliefs Completely

Almost every person has common limiting beliefs, such as fear and doubt. These negative beliefs give you negative energy and cause negative things.

Before you learn how to manifest someone to text you, you must learn to give up your limiting beliefs and identify any insecurities you feel. Even if you are convinced that people don’t want to talk to you or make friends with you, these feelings are nothing more than limiting beliefs.

Your limiting beliefs are not true thoughts and only make you feel insecure. When you let go of these limiting thoughts in your subconscious mind, the universe will be convinced that you are ready to get what you want.

While there are different ways to give up your limiting beliefs, the great way is to use a list of positive affirmations. When you use affirmations, you will be the creator of your life.

How to Manifest a Text from Someone Who Ghosted You?

After learning how to manifest someone to text you, you will be able to manifest even someone ghosting you to send you a message. If a person doesn’t care about you and completely ignores you, you can try these methods:

  • Whisper method: Close your eyes and take deep breaths to practice this method. Then, you should realistically imagine the person you want to send you a message in your head, and after you are sure of the realism of the dream, lean into his ear and whisper, “you will send me a text.”
  • A method of sending a text to yourself: For this, save your own number in your phone’s directory with the name of the person that is wanted to message you and send yourself a message containing the sentences you want to be told.
  • Visualization method: If you want a person to send you a message, you must open a social media application or messaging application where you want the text to appear. Right after, you should imagine the message you want to come to you in detail with your eyes open.
  • Pillow method: You should write positively what you want to happen on a piece of paper and put that paper under your pillow every night before you go to sleep. This method can also be used when you want someone to message you.

How to Manifest a Text in 5 Minutes?

If you don’t have enough time to get someone to text you, you should learn how to manifest someone to text you in 5 minutes.

If you want to manifest a person in just five minutes and want this manifestation to be effective, you can use the whisper method, a text-sending method to yourself, or a visualization method. All of these methods are methods that can give results in a short time.

How to Manifest a Text from Your Ex?

If the purpose of learning how to manifest someone to text you is for your ex to text you, you should follow these steps, and then you will see that your ex will send you a message:

  • As a first step, you must clearly understand ​​why your ex wants to text you. It would be best if you wrote in a diary why you want them to text you and what you want to include in the message.
  • The second step is to imagine your ex sending you that message and feel the happiness you feel as a result. If you feel happy too intensely, the universe won’t be able to say no to your vibrations.
  • As a third step, you must identify the beliefs that limit you and hinder your progress. After you realize these beliefs, try to eliminate the influence of these thoughts as much as possible.
  • As the fourth step, you must organize all your limiting thoughts using affirmations that affect you. If your affiliations make you feel comfortable, you are on the right track.
  • In the last step, you should assume that your relationship with your ex is completely over and you are free from your obsession with him. When you are free, your ex will be more likely to text you.

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How to Manifest a Specific Person Instantly?

If you want to manifest a special person to write to you, follow these steps:

  • In particular, you should write the person’s name you want to manifest and list the characteristics in detail.
  • You should be clear and specific when setting an intention and summarize what you want in a sentence.
  • You should act as if the intent you want has already happened or as if you have the romantic relationship you want. It would be best if you remember to move on with your life.
  • When setting an intention, you should express the sentence you say completely positively and use the present tense. You may get a better result if you attribute your intention to some emotions such as happiness, giddiness, excitement, and love.
  • If you have limiting beliefs about yourself, you should use affirmations and repeat positive affirmations that are good for you until you feel comfortable.
  • You should be aware that you are your best friend, and you should not say to yourself that you wouldn’t say to your best friend.
  • You have to work and review what you can do to realize your manifestation.
  • To experience positive things in your life, you must practice gratitude and learn to be thankful for everything you have.
  • For what you want or intend to happen, you must trust that the universe is working and wait calmly for it to happen.

Manifesting Text Is Not Working. What Should I Do?

When manifesting a message doesn’t seem to work, you can try recalibrating it. You must make a manifestation from scratch and reconstruct your intention.

The problem may be in your energy if your manifestation needs to be fixed. Therefore, if you be afraid and anxiety, you should try to eliminate these feelings.

If your actions are incompatible with your manifestation, you cannot expect that manifesto to happen. You must ensure that your actions and intentions are fully aligned.

Can You Manifest a Text, Even If They Blocked You?

If you want a person who is blocking you to message you, the most important thing to manifest someone’s text to you is being in harmony with yourself and the energy of the universe. You have to do this because you are most likely in a negative mood if someone blocks you.

After you have freed yourself from these feelings, you must establish a strong sense of self believe and ensure that the energy between you and the universe is clear. If your energy is clear, you can attract the higher frequency vibrations of the universe in your life as they are.

How Long Does Text Manifestation Takes to Work?

If you want a message to be sent to you and have manifested it, you should know that it may take a long time for that message to arrive. Sometimes a message can come in a few hours, sometimes in a few weeks.

If you want the message you want to arrive faster, you will have to maintain your belief that you will get that message until the last moment. If you have doubts and are worried about the text coming, you are preventing the message from coming.

So, no matter how long the timing is, don’t give up on your belief in what you want. As long as you believe, you will be able to receive all kinds of communication you want, including phone calls!