The Work

Miracles happen on my table every day. I am moved by the vulnerability that we all possess but sometimes are too scared to show the world. Energy healing gets you in touch with your soul’s longing, and reminds you of the innate wisdom you have within, to heal yourself. I am the torch that leads the way.

What are we shifting you might ask? We are all wounded during our lives, by words, traumatic events or by doing things that go against our moral code. Most of us arrive into adulthood shut down and reacting to life from a defended place. Instead of allowing energy to flow through our system, we have learned to block it out, or stuff it deep inside to avoid feeling any pain.

In the book “The Untethered Soul” Michael Singer writes about this phenomenon: “When you are unable to allow life’s events to pass through you, they stay inside and become a problem. These patterns may be held within you for a very long time. It is not easy to keep energy together in one place for long. As you willfully struggle to keep these events from passing through your consciousness, the energy first tries to release by manifesting through the mind. This is why the mind is so active. When the energy can’t make it through the mind because of conflicts with other thought and mental concepts, it then tries to release through the heart. That is what creates the emotional activity. When you resist the release, the energy gets packed up and forced into deep storage within the heart. In the yogic tradition that unfinished energy pattern is called a Samskara.”

By running earth energy through your system you start to unthaw or unwind these Samskaras. Most clients after one session feel lighter, freer and not as burdened.

Think of your energy system as an extension of your physical body. You want to keep it balanced and energy flowing through it instead of stagnating. I look at the flow up and down your energy meridians, as well as left to right symmetry. You have your energy field around you, as well as your chakra system. Each session is different and the work builds on itself, once a stuck pattern has shifted, it usually doesn’t reappear, the trauma has been released.

Most of us were not taught how to love and honor our energy systems and let our bodies, mind and spirits naturally heal. This work is transformative, uplifting and leads to long term healing.


“There has never been a truer healer than Peg Rodrigues. I had Energy Healing/Reiki before I met Peg. I was drawn to seeking her services. There is a vast difference between Peg and other energy healers. Peg is gentle, real, down to earth and understanding. I have been seeing Peg consistently for a year. We have worked through layers of trauma, anxiety and stubborn energy patterns. The shifting is sometimes profound and sometimes very subtle. Peg is a peaceful and loving presence and that feeling translates into her healing space. The calm atmosphere that Peg creates is palpable the moment you enter her healing space. I recently underwent surgery and saw Peg shortly after the procedure. I was in post-surgical pain. Through Reiki and Energy Healing, the layers of anesthesia and carbon dioxide (C02) gas were dissolved. This relieved abdominal pain, reduced the inflammation and has sped up the healing. I believe that when we are in excruciating pain, we self-protect and try to step away from ourselves and our pain. Reiki and Energy Healing removed the feeling of fogginess and brought me back into my body. Energy Healing connects you back to Source and the light within. Peg is a beautiful conduit of love and light. ”

Dori Rachel


“When I first came to see Peg, I felt scattered and distracted and unable to make changes in my life. Through the healing process, I am learning to work through difficult issues in my past and my present and find compassion and acceptance for myself and others. I am able to see and hear more clearly, to focus where I choose, and to feel grounded. Thank you Peg!”



“Thank you for believing and seeing me.  Your touch was like the hands of God.”

– T.J


“Peg is an exceptional healer and I recommend her work with my whole heart.
She has gently assisted me to deepen my connection to my True Self and to
own that energy as my daily experience. If you are wondering whether a
session with her will help you, I say YES! My hour sessions with Peg are
some of my most coveted moments that directly translate into an expanded
life and sense of possibility”

– Dana Pellegrini, LMP