Do I Have to Meditate to Connect with my Energy Field?

I for one, do not love sitting down to meditate, and yet, I’m an Energy Intuitive. I know what you are thinking – “well, maybe you’re not a good one.” I beg to differ. It’s not that you shouldn’t meditate, but to connect with your chakras and auric field there are other ways to do so. When I arrive at my office every morning I “plug in.” I want energy from the earth to flow through my system so I can share it with my clients.

Here are my 6 easy steps to plug into earth energy:

  1. Stomp your feet, this wakes up your foot chakras and starts the flow going.
  2. Pretend you have a hula hoop and do small hip circles. This starts to move your life force energy which kickstarts your 2nd chakra.
  3. Time for a shimmy shake to wake up your 3rd chakra. This is located in your solar plexus and can easily collect energy from family members,
  4. Small shoulder rolls forward and backwards to open up your heart chakra, your 4th.
  5. Growling or yawning to get your voice moving or 5th chakra open.
  6. Tap your third eye or 6th chakra (between your eyebrows) and your 7th chakra (top of your head.)

You may be able to feel energy moving up or down your body, or if not, just assume that your chakras are now spinning and your field is expanding.

Regardless, this small exercise has opened up your chakras, expanding your field and connected you to your physical body.

Shine Your Light-
Peg Rodrigues